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Story of the Willow Pod™ 

Being surrounded by nature has always brought me immense joy. Whether I'm camping, hiking, or enjoying water activities like swimming and surfing, I make sure to have top-quality gear to handle any situation. However, during a spring hike, far from any restroom facilities, I had a startling realization: I didn't have the necessary equipment I needed that day. Despite an extensive online search, I couldn't find what I was looking, I took matters into my own hands and created the patent-pending Willow Pod™. Initially designed for bathroom purposes, I quickly discovered its versatility! It serves as a convenient static structure for changing rooms, showers, and, of course, bathrooms while camping. The Willow Pod is not limited to these functions; it also offers discreet changing rooms in various settings such as boats, beaches, film sets, and horse stables. Even during surfing, it allows for the easy removal of wetsuits without public exposure. Additionally, it functions as an emergency shelter during unfavorable weather conditions and a compact one-person backpacking tent. The Willow Pod has endless applications, whether on the move or set up at a campsite or any other location. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing approximately 1 pound, and made from durable material. When collapsed, it shrinks down to the size of a dinner plate, occupying minimal space. Whether stored in a backpack, purse, or any form of transportation, it remains inconspicuous yet proves to be invaluable for various on-the-go needs. I am thrilled to share this versatile gear with fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

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